One Way to Restore Your Mac Lost Files for Free
One Way to Restore Your Mac Lost Files for Free

Did you accidentally delete a file in OS X that you needed? Even though it may seem impossible, it isn’t. All the articles online said it couldn’t be done, or could only be done with expensive file recovery software, or if you had already been running backups with Time Machine. So before you invest your hard-earned cash, try this method to see if you too can recover your files absolutely free.

Part 1-Unhiding the .Trashes Folder


1. First you will need to make visible those files and folders which are hidden by default, which include the one we are looking for – the .Trashes folder. There is one in each of your hard drives and/or partitions.


2. To do this open a Terminal window by going to Applications / Utilities / Terminal, then copy and paste the following command which activates the ability to see the hidden files: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true


3. Click Enter.


4. Copy and paste the following command which relaunches the Finder so it will show these hidden files: killall Finder


5. Click Enter.

Part 2-Accessing the .Trashes Folder


1. Open your Finder. Find the .Trashes folder in the relevant hard drive and/or partition, and right-click (or ctrl + click) to bring up the contextual menu. Click on Get Info.

You can find .trashes of mac hard drive in Macintosh HD\ users\ your username\ .trashes.


2. Look for a new .Trashes Info window that pops up. At the bottom you will see the Sharing & Permissions area. You will need to change the Access Privileges, so click on the lock icon at the very bottom right hand corner of the window, and type in your password to allow changes.


3. Click on the little double triangles under the Privilege column and set all to Read & Write.


4. Go back to your Finder and click again on the .Trashes folder.


Copy this folder and paste it into your separate drive. This will likely do the trick, and all the files will be recovered.

Part 3-Restore Your Settings


1. Reset the privileges. You can now reset the Access Privileges in the .Trashes Info window back to what they were.


2. Reset your Finder to hide hidden files again. Go back to your Terminal window and copy and paste the following command: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles false


3. Click Enter.


4. Copy and paste the following command to relaunch the Finder for the changes to take effect: killall Finder


5. Click Enter.


OK, that’s it, that’s the way you can restore your Mac lost data for free, you can have a try on it if you need to recover your lost Mac data. Or you may also visit our site for more articles about Mac data rescue if you need more support.

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