How to Recover Your iPhone or iOS Devices Lost File
How to Recover Your iPhone or iOS Devices Lost File

“How to Recover Deleted, Lost Photos from iPhone?” is an experience that not rare to iPhone users. Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have a trash bin,if you want to recover iPhone deleted photo,you must to use a iPhone data recovery software. Why? Let’s keep reading this article.

Why the normal data recovery software cannot recover data from iPhone?

How does the iPhone store data? Many people know that most of mobile phone store data with memory Cards/SD Card or SSD. But the iPhone is different from those, it is not the SSD, all files will be stored in NAND Flash memory for iPhone. NAND flash memory come with a few interesting attributes. They can be programmed for only a limited amount of time before they become unreliable. This is known as the write-endurance, or program erases cycles, this is why Apple does not choose SSD for their device. So when you connect your iPhone device to computer, this normal data recovery software will not recognize iPhone device and It is impossible to retrieve your lost data from iPhone or backup. The MacBook also doesn’t use SSD; it has solid state storage (flash memory) soldered onto the motherboard. To recover lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod,you need to use a professional ios data recovery tool.

iPhone Data Recovery Software is professional application that can help you extract iPhone file and get all of photos back if you deleted your cherished photos by mistake. And it works well with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS. It can recover Messages, Contacts, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmark directly from iPhone 5/4S.

guidance for iOS device lost file recovery

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There are two ways for you to recover deleted pictures from your iPhone:

Once you choose the iPhone data recovery software which is suitable for your device, the iPhone data recovery can help you to recover deleted or lost data from iPhone 4/4S/5 with fast scanning speed. What’s more, this iPhone data recovery also can recover other lost data from, such as contacts, text message, photos, music, video, note, call list ,booksmark and more… However, no matter you iPhone was damage or lost, you can get back lost data from your iPhone in two ways: Rcover deleted data from iPhone 4/4s/5 directly without backup, or recover your previous backup file to get backup lost data from iTunes. Next, The following user guide shows you how to restore lost files from iPhone with/without backup iTunes.

Mode 1: Directly Recover Photos from iPhone 4/4S/5

Step 1: Run the iPhone data recovery and Connect iPhone to Computer

Tips: This user guide for those have an iPhone devices on hand. After run the iPhone data recovery, then connect your iPhone device to your computer via USB cable. It has setup wizard that takes you step by step through simple process. The installing speed is very fast and you’re allowed to change the default installing path.

Step 2. Scan and Recover from iPhone NAND Flash memory Directly

When you select “direct recovery mode”, this program will automatically scan your iPhone device within seconds, after the scan, all lost files that stored in iPhone will be sorted in well-organized categories as photos, contacts, text message, camera roll, videos and call history. You can preview the found photos by selecting “Camera Roll” or “Photo Stream” and accurately selected the photos you need to recover. If there are thousands of photos listed in the panel, you can use “search” function to found specified photo.

Mode 2: Extract iPhone Deleted Photos from iTunes Backup without iPhone

Tips: This iOS data recovery supports Extract previous backup file from iTunes for your ios devices, due to loss your iPhone, iPad&iPod devices; failed jailbreak/ iOS upgrade or factory settings restore.

Once you lost data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Don’t worry, the iOS Data Recovery for provides you 2 simple ways to recover lost Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos, Notes, Bookmarks and more from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Mac. Before recover lost data, you can preview and select what files you want to get back. This ios data recovery allows you do anything that iTunes can’t!

Tips You May Need

1. Get back the lost file is a good thing for the users, but not every time you are lucky as this time, so build a backup for your file is a good habit for avoiding data loss.

2. As we mentioned at the begining of this article, The MacBook also doesn’t use SSD, so if you need to restore lost files on Mac when you meet Mac file loss problem, check our site to get the method of this situation.

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