Mac data recovery, recovering lost PPT data
Mac data recovery, recovering lost PPT data

Sometimes, Mac data recovery is required because PPT data is accidentally lost and vanished in a while. There may be important files edited with lots of effort and doing them again may not the feasible option. It’s time to use a software for fast data recovery.

Free and pro version

The free version can recover data of up to 500 MB. For a bigger size of data of PowerPoint, pro version should be acquired.

Comprehensive data recovery for mac

The best thing about recovery software is that it works amazingly well for accidentally lost data or files deleted because of virus attack, power outage, failed bootup, partition damage or Recycle Bin emptying. After getting installed, the software scans media and brings out recoverable data within a few minutes. In addition to that, data recovery chances are enhanced by bad sector detection.

Deep scan

If data is lost a short time ago, chances of its recovery are high through Quick Scan feature of software. It reconstructs deleted files and restructures them based on binary structure. It knows more than 200 file signatures.

Retain protected data

Software also protects data if Recovery Vault is enabled. It makes sure files are not accidentally lost by saving a copy of each file and folder that is removed from the computer. With this database, Mac data recovery is not a big issue at all. It takes only a little while to get the lost files back. To enjoy the feature, enable data protection first.

Multiple options

Recovery software offers several recovery options for PPT files. It uses various recovery algorithms such as Undelete Protected Data, Deep Scan, and Quick Scan. Using more than one algorithms makes recovery more effective and accurate.

Pause and resume process

If a large amount of data is scanned, data recovery for mac takes more time. It may not be possible to stay on the computer for hours. So, there is a pause option which halts the scan temporarily. It can be resumed later whenever required. This pause and resume feature gives convenience and ease of use. This unique feature is highly useful and saves lots of time.

Supported OS

Recovery software can be downloaded for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. It does not support older versions of Windows that were released before XP.

The software comes with extra tools to boost possibilities and convenience of the recovery process. It gives accurate results and saves lots of time and energy.

All storage devices

No matter what storage device is, Mac data recovery is possible from any of them. It includes desktop computer, laptop, workstation, hard drive (external and internal), memory card, USB flash drive and more. If the computer can access memory directly, software will be able to do scanning in order to retain lost files.

Automatic functioning

Some software choose recovery method automatically and there is no need to select it manually. So, they take all the pain and smartly decide which way to go.

Recovery software is a must-have for all corporates, users of personal computers and IT professionals who have to store a large amount of data for various purposes.

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