Macs V Personal computers
Macs V Personal computers

This article is aimed at explaining some of the key benefits of using a Mac computer over a normal personal computer. However all these benefits may be based on the perceptions and brand image and thus vary according to person to person depending on the situation.

The first reason why it is said that Macs are better than PC’s is that the experience that it gives the users. Here the operating system serves as the fundamental tool in delivering the user experience which is the OS X EI Captain at the moment. The Mac users get a higher valued experience than a PC user as per studies and considering about Mac OS X is critical in this regard. The customer satisfactory level of a Mac user is said to be relatively higher than that of a non-Mac user and the experience have contributed immensely to this fact.

Another benefit is that the OS’s seamless and fast integration with the IOS devices. A person having an iPhone or an iPad is always encouraged and persuaded to go for a Mac PC where the integration comes seamlessly through hands off means. This makes the work easier and speedier and can save time and increase efficiency.

People are of different types where some are ego sensitive and they highly consider about the brand image, status, the availability of the products with the users in the market etc. PCs are available everywhere and Macs are relatively scarce. Further the variety is more in PCs where some customers may consider it to be bad. Apple has introduced only 6 Macs as of now and the customers are limited to the choices and features that are unique to them. This is also a key benefit of a Mac over a normal PC.

The security is another key benefit of Macs when compared with normal PCs. Security is a key concern of many organizations as well as many individuals and higher security in Macs has derived them a higher demand and higher value in terms of the good name and brand.

The Mac comes with excellent software included with some built in apps unlike other PCs. This is an additional benefit and a key element that distinguishes Macs from other PCs. The quality is also a main benefit a Mac user is eligible for. The superior quality, the cutting edge design and the increased performance truly makes a Mac distinctive from other PCs.

It is proven that Macs have the best screens or displays when we consider about the screen resolutions, graphics, pixel rate, dimensions, performance, screen rate, brightness etc. The retina screen introduced in the latest versions of the Mac is considered to be the best in the market right now with anti-reflective coatings and no-air gap.

Macs customer support is excellent and Apple Inc. is bound to provide support to a Mac user promptly in face of any technical issues as well as advisory issues. On the other hand the warranty period is relatively longer in a Mac compared to a normal PC.

Therefore as explained above the Macs have some clear distinctive benefits over other PCs.


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