Step by Step Process for Recovering USB Dirve Lost Files
Step by Step Process for Recovering USB Dirve Lost Files

usb drive file rescue stepsNowadays, I do believe many people get a little USB drive to store the important or private files for themselves. This little USB drive can help us to get our own space-your little secret like the photo with your girlfriend which you don’t want to share with others or the files are the secret of your company. But what if we just delete the files mistakenly? The USB drive is different from the computer hard drive because when you deleted files from computer hard drive, the files will remove to the recycle bin first but when you deleted files from USB drive, the files were deleted directly. So how to recover files from USB drive? This article will show you an simple method to recover USB drive lost files easily.

Why the Deleted Files Can Be Recovered?

When you store a file, the operating system will first mark down all of the storage device space so that it can find the enough space for the file which you want to store, then put this file to the corresponding sectors and mark the space is occupied by this file. So when you delete this file, the operating system won’t do any deletion to the sectors which is occupied by this file but only free up the space which is belong to this file so that the space can be used by other new files.

At this moment, the deleted file actually still exist on your hard drive or device and it can be recovered. But if you deleted file and then build a new file (or put new file) in this space, the sectors which belong to the deleted file will be taken by the new one and there is no chance to recover the lost files. So remember this: Once you find that you mistakenly deleted the files, don’t do any read/write operation to the partition or it may cause the data overwritten situation and make the data recovery fail.

How to Recover the Deleted Files?

fix the use drive file loss problemTo tell you the truth, recover the files from USB drive is a little bit different from the computer hard drive because it cannot use the recovery function which is offered by the computer operating system itself. So I recommend you to use the data recovery software.

But you need to know there is no freeware for the recovery operation because most of the freeware come bundled with virus such as Trojan or the pesky ads. So you need to choose the right software which may cost you lot-do not complain this, the data recovery companies are earning their lives for this and the most important thing is that the data recovery process is complicated for most of the computer users like you and I.

Here we just talk about how the software works for you to get files back from USB drive and the steps the software need to take.

In generally speaking, most of the software make the recovery process in 3 steps in order to make users can easily use it to get files back, the steps are listed as follow:

1. Download and install the software which you choose on your computer (If you not only want to recover the USB drive but also the files on the computer, make sure you do not install to the path where the lost files were stored before.) and connect your USB drive with your computer;

2. Choose your USB drive to start scanning, the scanning may last long or short time is based on the USB drive space is large or small, so be patience and wait;

3. When the scanning is finished, you will have a list of found files and you can preview (if the software you choose is offering the preview function.) and choose the target files you want to recover and then you can start to get your files back.

Normally you can get your files back after these steps are finished.

Backup Is the King

When other ways cannot help you in recovering files, the file recovery software is your savor. But it cannot replace the file backup so build a backup regularly is strongly needed. Feel this is boring? Let’s say that in this way: Which way will take you more time to preform? Back up for 15 minutes or search for data rescue support and then find the right software in a long time? If you decide to save your time and protect your files away from data loss problem, then build a backup right now!

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