Two Ways for Mac Lost File Recovery
Two Ways for Mac Lost File Recovery

mac-file-recovery-1In our daily lives, most of us may lose the files due to the wrong operation like accidentally delete or mistakenly format. Besides, the files will also disappear due to the computer virus and this also make us feel sad. So, finding the method to recover lost files become the hot topic for us.

Talk about file rescue, I must to talk about the principle of storing file, this is the knowledge which is used when we are dealing file recovery situation.

Things You Must Know

When you delete a file, the computer OS only change this file’s first character to E5 in the DIR and then clean up every cluster entry in FAT. These operation show you that the file was deleted. But actually the computer OS will not do any ‘write in’ operation on the DATA Sector. It only rewrite the FAT, it doesn’t clean the DATA Sector.

Complicated? Let’s explain it simply. You have an examination paper and you fill in all your answer on it. But due to some reasons this paper cannot be used anymore and the teacher write a word ‘useless’ on it. But actually all of the answers on this paper can be seen even this paper is useless.

How to Recover the Lost File

When you know the knowledge above, you will know that file recovery is possible for you to do. But how? You may also find lots of solutions on Google but it seems that don’t work for you.

Here I recommend you two ways.

Repair Shop

mac-file-recovery-2Repair shop can help you a lot because all of the stuff in it is the professional guys who are dealing with data loss problem and recovering computer files for many years. It is the first choice for you to take your computer to these professional guy. But this may cost you a lot of money and time. Even worse, if you meet the bad guy (Every thing is possible, you know that.), your private message even the important bank account which you store on your computer may face the risk of leaking. If you are worry about this, I will suggest you the second way.

Third Party Software for Recovery

If you meet the file loss problem, you can try the third party recovery software first. There are lots of the freeware or professional software on the internet. Make sure you choose the right one because sometimes the software will bring you the virus and ads no matter the freeware or the professional software.

Here I suggest you to have a try on the professional data recovery for Mac if you are using Mac PC. (I am using Mac PC and I think it is a bit complicated than Windows PC on the operation.) With the easy process and few clicks you can easily get your lost files back with ease. For more guidance of recovering lost files you can view Mac data recovery tips article on our site.

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