Undeleted Mac Files: What to do and How to Find Them!
Undeleted Mac Files: What to do and How to Find Them!

What to do and How to Find Them!Losing a file is scary, intimidating, and above all else, frustrating. It’s easy to think you’ll never get the file back and that you must instead stay up all night toiling to get back the work or data you lost.

Well, you can stop freaking out because even after you’ve deleted a file, you can recover it using some tools designed for Macs.

There’s a difference between “in the trash” and “deleted”. Because a file is in the trash does not mean that its at all gone from your computer. So when you have that moment of utter terror and are convinced that you just dumped that important work file out along with all of your other garbage, take a moment to double-check your trash bin and make sure that the file is really gone and not just hanging out waiting to be dumped or rediscovered.

If it turns out the file is really gone from the trash bin and you don’t have back ups for it (which you should), then it’s time to use a recovery program. There are all sorts of recovery options. A good, general program is  uFlysoft Data Recovery. With this app you can recover deleted and overwritten files pretty easily.

The first step is to not use your affected drives any more than is absolutely necessary. Don’t download a bunch of new files or alter your existing files. Many recovery programs come on a bootable disk so that you can run them without disrupting your drive.

OK, so you left the affected drives alone and went out and bought some software. Now all you have to do is install the software and click “scan”. When the scan finishes you’ll have to preview each of the files manually because the filenames will probably be lost. This is the hardest part and it’s not hard so much as time consuming.

Once you’ve crossed this hurtle however, you’re in the clear! Simply recover the file and save it to an external drive. If you’re searching for multiple files, remember that you need to leave the disc alone for the duration of your search. So if you recover a file, don’t save it onto your computer because you may accidentally write over the other files you’re searching for.

And that’s the whole process in a nutshell. Remember to look at a few reviews of your recovery software before downloading it. There are a lot of products on the market and some of them are scams!

Best of luck recovering your Mac files!

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